Monday, 25 July 2016

St. John's, NFL

                       St John's
Quidi Vidi Village, an historical fishing village now home to craft/artist studios,  was our first stop. We had the opportunity to see the artists at work and discuss the intricacies of their craft. We purchased a wood plate ink print depicting the notable capelin. There is a craft brewery here as well, Quidi Vidi Brewery, of which we can recommend their "1892" brew. While in the village, we  happened upon the "Mallard Cottage" for lunch.  Built mostly from ship lumber and decking, with the walls caulked with oakem, it dates back to 1725 and has been designated a world heritage site. The cottage is now a restaurant serving upscale traditonal food with all ingredients locally sourced.  Apparently we lucked out as it is usually fully reserved!
Next stop was Signal Hill, originally known as the Lookout. All though the winds on the ocean were only 10 knots the wind on top of Signal Hill were enough to blow you right off your feet. The view was good and the history displays tell of the significant contribution made in defence, observation and signalling from the early 1700's to WW II. This site was also the reception point of the first wireless signal by Marconi in 1901. 
There were row upon row of the colourful salt box houses dating  from the 1800's. I would think most would have had suites in them, now who knows. If we were there longer it would be interesting to find out about the average condition and usage, and if there is an historical commitee which dictates how they can be restored etc.  First impression is wow look at these places, 2nd impression is they are kind of rundown.
George Street is the bar scene, closed off  to vehicles and about 2 short blocks. Probably wild on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday but Sunday afternoon not stellar. We were hit up four times for loose change and watched the drug trade at work. We also managed a parking ticket - oh well.... The weather was nice, sunny and hot. We drove back to Port Aux Basques (11 hours) on Monday, 28 C and sunny in the interior. Foggy and 18 C on the coast.
                     Quidi Vidi

            The Mallard Cottage

Interior of the Mallard Cottage 
St John's harbour from on top of Signal Hill.
     Windblown atop of Signal Hill

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