Sunday, 3 July 2016

Contributing to Charlettown Shop Owners Association

Beth is evil, she made us shop until we dropped. (d)
I protest! It was a cloudy day so we contributed greatly to the local economy. Doug was very excited when he found the Scottish shop...(b)
OMG - Doug in the Tartan Shop was like a kid in a candy store...(j)
Lunch was a highlight in the Italian pizzeria wood fired, fresh nan-bread crusted with goat cheese, carmelized pears, prosciutto ....  Mmm good. (d)
We went to Province House to learn more about Confederation and the building was closed for renovations so we viewed some historic churches and buildings instead.(b)
What would a visit to Ch'town be without checking out the "Cow" store?? (j)
I had stepped on a rock covered with sharp barnicals at Victoria Harbour but I had it well bandaged so the 40 miles of walking was beerable. (d)
The day was ended with a gourmet meal aboard Summer Wine 11.😊

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