Saturday, 22 August 2015

Time to Curl

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Well, it was time to leave Shediac and head for Summerside Harbour, now known as the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht.  A few years, ago the Curling Club took over the operations of the Yacht Club and now probably one of the only Marina's with it Curling club.  The winds are light all day and we have some good sailing to do to cross over to PEI, so we may have to do some motoring again to reach our destination in good time if we want to see the sights and buy some fresh seafood.  Because we left good and early and made really good time, we arrived around 4:00 pm and met the good folks that managed the Complex.  There is a Bar, Lounge, room for six sheets which are used in the summer for banquets and special events and private quarters for the sailors.  Seems perfect for people like us and we even got some good fundraising ideas for the club back home.  Later we went for a walk around this shanty town and found a couple of great fresh fish markets for Oysters and live Mackerel and souvenirs shops were we found some perfect gift ideas (PEI dirt shirts for Andrew).  After some shopping and listening to some live entertainment in Park, we visited Mark the bartender in the Deckhouse for for a pint.  Bob joined us a little later as he was befriending the owner of JMK Fish Mart who was showing some interest in sailing. In doing so he ended up letting Bob pick his choice of Mackerel caught earlier that day and gave them to us for free.  Mark too was enjoying our conversation as we exchanged some stories and told some tales.  Bob showed up later, ordered a cider while Doug and I wanted to only stay for one.  Mark seeing that Bob still has half a bottle decides that we can't leave before Bob is finished and pours us half a draft and then gave us some sample blender drinks.  After the great company, we headed back to the Yacht Club which happens to be the hang out for the locals - must be the curling connection.  The next day, we were to leave at 7:00 am but got off to a late start.  We had 30 or so miles to go before we reach Charlottetown and the wind starts out at 15 - 20 knots out of the south - this should be a perfect reach but as our luck would have it we will have to tack a few times due to some shifts.  On this leg we have to go under the Confederation Bridge which spans from Nova Scotia to PEI, 12,900 metres.  But wait, as we approach, the Snow Birds are doing their aerobatic maneuvers over the bridge from one end to another followed by an F16.  We then realize that today is the Confederation Day Parade in Charlottetown and tomorrow is the Air show - once again we have great timing!  Now we are almost at Charlottetown but we have to go around an island and down a marked channel for 8 miles to get into the bay by Charlottetown.  It's a perfect downwind leg with the wind on our stern and time for the spinnaker.  We are able to fly her all the way to the harbours edge.  Because of the later start to the day, its now 7:00 pm so we have time to chat with the people on the dock from two other local sailboats also just coming in and got some good local knowledge of the area.  Before we enjoy some sights though we have to eat the Lobster waiting for us in the cooler:)

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