Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Beautifull Charlottetown (2015-08-24)

As a proper day of rest and recovery should be, today is relatively uneventful.  We remained in Charlottetown so Andrew could catch an early morning plane back to Winnipeg and to replenish our supplies.

Like most of the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) Charlottetown is picture perfect.  Most of the buildings in the quaint downtown, date back to the 18 hundreds, are made out of sanstrone, and most are beautifully renovated. Sandstone facades, flowers, manicured lawns, and old style hanging business signs are present on every street.  Every view builds a mental picture of times past when the streets were walked by sailors, fisherman, merchants, and farmers so when you hear a young waitress refer affectionately to an elderly acquaintance as "skipper" makes all these pictures so much more vivid. 

Only a block away from the marina we stayed in is the PEI Heritage Museum. It is an excellent place to search for the information on what to do in Charlottetown and the rest of the province. On most days you can even rent bicycles. If at all interested in the Canadian history or curious about how Canada was formed out of a number of former British colonies, then you should take the interpretative tour of the museum. The tour is an reenactment of the events in 1867and the political manoeuvrings which lead to formation of Canada which Doug and enjoyed.

The Gold Cup and Saucer horse race happened to be scheduled for this evening and we intended to go to this to this equestrian event which has the largest prize pool.  Unfortunately the race was rescheduled for the next day due to the incoming storm.

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