Sunday, 30 August 2015

Port Bordon to Summerside August 30

A lazy morning, with breakfast at anchor, followed by a short sail to Summerside's Silver Fox Curling and Sailing Club once again. We are planning a two day layover hoping for north winds to take us across to Shediac.
We had been talking about doing some biking and went in search of a rental shop. We found the shop all right but it had been closed for some time according to a fellow we met close by.  We chatted a bit and he and his wife offered us two other bikes, which we gladly accepted.  We rode about 25 km, across the island to see the ocean on the north shore then down the confederation trail before we returned the bikes. Upon thanking them for their hospitality we found out they have a sailboat in the harbour and they made a similar trip as ours 15 years ago.  Also her mother was from Croatia - Small world.....

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