Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tuesday June 23, 2015

Tuesday June 23, 2015

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Waited out a storm that was in the neighbourhood until 2:00 pm, which would have been our cut off time for the 40 miles to Grand Marais Harbour. The waves had died down from 9 feet to 4 and wind was down to 15 knots. Once we rounded Grand Island we found no wind and 4 feet of converging wave, not good for sailing or motoring, but off we went anyways. We ate under way and were able to visit the Grand Marais Brewing Company for a few beers and some great hospitality by the bar owner and staff and friends........

Wednesday the winds were light but we could make 5 knots with the spinnaker up until we got fogged in to 75' and the wind fell off. With the cold air even the lifelines were covered in condensation in minutes. At about 4:00p.m., Keith tore a gash in the skin on top of his head, which gave us quite a scare, but we able to get the bleeding under control.
We got into Whitefish point about 4:30 and headed to the Shipwreck museum. After leaving there, we were feeling lucky we made safe passage across Superior. There are some 500 shipwrecks off Whitefish Point , including the Edmund Fitzgerald! The waves in this corner build fast and steep, throw in fog and poor seamanship and you are going down. 

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