Friday, 26 June 2015

Thursday, June 25

Up at 6:30 so we could clear Canadian Customs and go through the locks on the St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie before 4pm. This was the first of about 50 locks we will have to negotiate on this trip to the east coast. 

Friday, June 26th
This is end of our first leg and Darrell was able to get a flight home while Keith and I enjoyed the first lay day since we left Winnipeg. We checked out the art gallery and walked around town and out to the Fort Creek Conservation area for a short hike. On our way along the board walk, I stopped to talk to a tugboat captain tied up at the pier. He invited us on for a ride. Turns out there was a tugboat parade and party that night. Too much fun!

Our captain Cliff McKay bought the second tug of his fleet of three in Selkirk, Manitoba and made a trip to Gimli when he was up there. Small world. 

Saturday , Keith flies out and I need a nap. Then another ride on Captian Cliff's tugboat "Decelles".  And he   stop to pick up more people to enjoy their first tug ride. This time it's a race, which he won by a few feet with the waters churning all around. 

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