Friday, 1 May 2015

Great Lakes Adventure Blog

Great Lakes Adventure Blog "Wouldn't it be fun to ........." It started the same way many great adventures do - as a little seed of an idea. In our case, it was Doug giving voice to the dream of sailing from Lake Superior to the East Coast. Over the years the dream kept niggling away, becoming more insistent. I must admit I was not quite as enthusiastic about this dream as Doug was. For many years the dream remained just that. The reasons not to go were endless. We didn't have an adequate boat, we had teenagers, we couldn't get that much time off work etc..... In 2013 we purchased "Long Tail Kat", a Beneteau First 285, from our good friend Don Gustafson. We knew the boat had been well-maintained and Doug was quite familiar with it, having raced and sailed with Don on many Lake Winnipeg adventures. So now we had an adequate boat. The teenagers grew up and became independent and Doug became self -employed. The excuses were dwindling. In the summer of 2014 we renamed the boat "Summer Wine" and spent the summer familiarizing ourselves with her idiosyncrasies and doing a little bit of tweaking of our own. Doug had found a kindred spirit named Andrew Meyer who was totally excited about the adventure and quickly became Doug's willing "partner in crime" .... And so it was the Great Lakes Adventure entered into the planning phase..... Joann

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