Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Bay of Fundy

Tides on steroids. Full noon and 28'. Docks higher than most buildings.
We went through the reverseing falls this morning. On our first attempt and we had to bail, doing 8 1/2 knots going down stream turned and clawed our way back to a safe distance away,  waited another 15 minutes and went through with no problems. We were instantly rewarded by a seal siting.  With little wind and small seas we bundled up and headed out to sea in a thick fog, our goal was north head harbour on Grand Manan Island.
Saw a small dolphin on the way.
Having entered the dock area and finding it full of commercial fishing boats, we tied up against one and climbed a three storey ramp to get to ground level.
I called Ben ( I guy I meet in St. John who lives on Grand Manan) and he came down and took us to his place for a beer and visit. He picked us up the next morning and gave us the island tour complete with some of it's history and lots of info about lobster fishing, he show us this boat and shop. Nice to get a guide tour, we exchange contact info and promised to keep in touch.
I hiked around part of the island in the afternoon, and saw two bares sun tanning on a picinic table, and came across the hole in the wall rock formation along the coast line.
 I should have bought the Granud Manan tee shirt. Great place!

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