Thursday, 6 July 2017

Canada Day 150

I spent the day hanging around the yacht club, listening to 3 music groups and eating seafood.
After my mighty walk the day before I wasn't going far with shin splints.
On the 2nd I left harbour in the afternoon and foundg a place to anchor for the night. Not a hard thing to do on the St. John river system, there a tons of great spots that remind me of the white shell.
I cooked up a steak, did a little fishing, the fog rolled in around 10 pm again, talk about dark, unbelievable. You couldn't see the shore line 100 feet away, no lights, just crazy dark. I rented a mountain bike and headed to Rockwood Park. It's a large park basically in the city and multi use. They had lot of trails and 10 k of single trail, some root sections and lots of technical rock and slopely stuff. I got a good workout. I moved to the RKYC and met the comidor Kim and she gave me rum and introduced me to a Don, who taught me the ins and outs of the currents around here.  I helped Roy rig his new Hunter. Assume sun rise and set today.

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  1. Hope the shin splints go away! Remember the foot issues on the Vic Maui?!! We are a couple of years older now... I creak and groan more now.ha ha