Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Port Hawkesbury to Balantynes Cove

             Terry and Skulpin

We spent a rain day at Port Hawkesbury paying cards, and watching the Olmypics  at the Canso Straight Yatch Club. Here we met Greg and Perry off Suhka ( C & C 35) out of Kingston and Al and Alta off Deliverence (Beneteau 30) out of Pictou. The next morning we headed to Balantynes Cove stopping to look at Harve Boucher and doing some fishing along the way. Terry got one ugly fish called a sculpin. I call the Boyd's residents to say Hello and ended up there for dinner with Tina and Alec, Sandy and Ann and Karl. Sandy was cooking.
             Canso Straigt Yacht Club
        Canso Iock with bridge behind

              Grey Foggy Day

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