Thursday, 18 August 2016

Balentinnes Cove to Pictou

We slipped out at 7:30 before breakfast and motored around Cape George and set up for a close reach. We sailed three hours before the wind died and the books came out. We went for a dip and fished for a while before heading in. As we arrived in Pictou, the first site was a French couple who were heading to Hondurous with a pirate bird. Then Al from "Deliverance" showed up with a 1979 Chev truck which he had restored to new for our use while we were in town. 
In the morning we meet Bruce and Sheryl form "You and Me", the couple we meet in Port aux Basques for coffee. Then they drove us around the county showing us the sites. We stopped at rye distillarery, a boat building shop where they bought their hull and some of the harbours before having us to their house for lunch. All very nice.
That night we headed to a variety show at the da Costa Entertainment Center. It was titled "celtic ladies". There was two ladies singing and playing plus the singer songwriter Siobhan  Miller from Scotland with her band. It was a very good show. At intermission they came out to meet the audience and within minutes we'd ones up the Scots up for an afternoon of sailing. After the show we headed in search of a snack and found a bike and its owner, Corey a biking enthusiast, who lined up some nice bikes for us to ride. 
In the morning I headed for bread and ice  then met Terry at the Hector Museum for look before Siobhan, Mike and Euan showed up for a sail.
As it turns out the fiddle player "Mike" had just bought a concept 36 sailboat and is planning a round the world trip starting next year. After our four hour sailing tour Terry and I headed biking with Corey. The up hill was hard, but the trails were good. On the way down we got caught in a thunder storm and got totally soaked, luckily it was warm so we could laugh it off easily. That was quite the day thanks to all of our new friends and ambassadors of Pictou.

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