Friday, 30 June 2017

Sheriac to St. John

When I went to replace a rusted anchor chain I got quite a surprise, a bird, had made a nest in the locker. There was twigs and branches and leaves every where.
The plan was to haul the boat from Shediac to the Brundage boat ramp about 5 miles north of the St. John's marina. This was because of low water levels in the St. Johns River.
I met Clayton at Romeo's and we loaded the boat onto the trailer and said our goodbyes to Jackie and Romeo and headed south. Once we arrived, I asked the attendant and a couple of Coast Guard personnel if it was possible to get over the reserving falls and out on to the Bay of Fundy. They didn't think so ......... not good.
I phoned the marina office and Sarah said "No problem you have 20 minutes of slack tide."
So Clayton backed Summer Wine into the river and away I went. Right after leaving the charts on my iPad disappeared, turns out my subscription had run out.
Once I got to the marina, I introduced myself to Sarah and she said "you can put the mast up Now ". It was a bit of a scramble to get things ready, but we had it stepped in about 10 minutes once I got to the rigging dock.

sorry no pictures just now, the app we are using is no longer working and I haven't been able to invert them.

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